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Revealed: Eight vehicles your company driver requires a PrDP for

by , 17 September 2013
The recent Pinetown crash that killed 23 people when a truck ploughed into four minibus taxis and two cars has cast the spotlight on safety on South African roads. And so has the news that the driver was driving with an expired truck licence. If your employees drive any of the following vehicles, they must hold a valid license card, endorsed with an appropriate professional driving permit PrDP...

Do your drivers hold a valid PrDP?

It's essential all your drivers have this permit, especially if they drive any of the following vehicles...

If your employees drive any of these vehicles make sure they have a PrDP

According to the Health&Safety Advisor, your employees must have a valid license card, endorsed with an appropriate PrDP if they drive:

  1. A bus, vehicle or minibus seating more than 12 passengers (driver included), whether or not it has enough seats and irrespective of its weight.
  2. Any vehicle used to transport people for payment, for example, a taxi or ambulance.
  3. Goods vehicle, weighing over 3500kg.
  4. Breakdown vehicle, for example, a tow truck.
  5. Heavy goods vehicle, loaded or empty (codes: C1, C, EC1 and EC).
  6. Goods vehicle carrying dangerous goods.
  7. Road tank vehicle for petroleum-based flammable liquids.
  8. People who drive these vehicles occasionally, such as truck salesmen, diesel mechanics (who need to test drive the vehicles) also need to have a PrDP.

Your employees are exempt if they drive the following:

  • A hearse
  • A tractor
  • Fire-fighting vehicles
  • Special vehicles such as road construction and farming equipment
  • A learner driver accompanied by the holder of a valid PrDP
  • A traffic officer's vehicle (if they're a traffic officer)
  • Vehicle examiner or driving license examiner examining a prospective driver

Remember, your employee isn't allowed to drive with an expired license or professional drivers permit.

The onus is on your employee to ensure that both his driver's license and the professional driving permit don't expire. But you can temporarily suspend him until he renews his permit.

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Revealed: Eight vehicles your company driver requires a PrDP for
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