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Revealed: Five consequences of accidents in the workplace

by , 14 October 2013
Incidents don't come with a warning sign and can happen to anyone, at anytime! They can cost you thousands, maybe even millions in compensation claims. This is just one of the consequences of accidents in the workplace. Here are five other consequences you'll face if you don't effectively prevent accidents.

The Health & Safety Advisor defines an accident as an event where there's injury to another person and loss to the company.

If you don't take steps to reduce or prevent accidents in your workplace, you'll face the following consequences…

Prevent accidents in the workplace or face these five consequences

Consequence #1: After an accident, your budget plan's going to take a knock. This is because you'll incur costs you didn't plan or budget for.

'Accidents eat into your profits. They'll cost you more to replace what's been lost. And depending on your product mark-up, you'd have to make a much higher profit within the same budget period after each accident to cover the losses you incurred from these accidents,' says the Health & Safety Advisor.

Consequence #2: From a legal perspective, if you cause injury to your employee, you could be jailed for a year and the Department of Labour (DoL) could make you pay a minimum fine of R50 000.

Consequence #3: If your employee becomes ill or if he dies, you could be imprisoned for two years, and the DoL can fine you R100 000.

Consequence #4: If your employee dies because of an injury or illness, you could be taken to court by the State for culpable homicide, in addition to the penalties and fines imposed by the DoL.

Consequence #5: You could lose your business because the DoL has the power to shut your business down.

That's not all.

The DoL also has the power to stop you from opening another business or working in a position of senior management for another company.

The bottom line: It's in your best interest to keep your workers safe and prevent accidents from happening in the first place. After all, prevention is better than cure.

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Revealed: Five consequences of accidents in the workplace
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