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Revealed: Four types of safety audits and how to use them

by , 05 August 2014
Getting the most out of a safety audit depends on doing the right type of audit.

There are four different types and each of them aims to investigate different aspects of your health and safety programme. So depending on what problems you want to uncover, you'll need to use the correct audit processes.

To ensure you can do this, we're revealing what the four different types of health and safety audits are...

Here are the four different types of safety audits

1. Procedural audit
You should do a procedural audit when you implement new procedures. It'll help you assess the effectiveness of your new procedures and if you've implemented them correctly.
If you uncover any problems, it means you need to go back and either refine your new procedures or adjust the implementation process.
2. Problem investigate audit
You should do this type of audit if there are any health and safety problems or incidents that keep reoccurring in your company.
This audit must investigate the causes or reasons for these problems and incidents. This way you can resolve these problems with new safety measures.
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3. Scheduled audit
This is a routine audit you should do once a year. It'll cover the general health and safety programme in your workplace. 
You can't cover everything in your health and safety programme in one audit. This is why you must choose a sample and focus on those to help give you a representation of your workplace health and safety.
4. Unannounced audits
Do an unannounced audit if you suspect there are health and safety problems in your company which your managers haven't disclosed.
Doing an unannounced audit can help you investigate your suspicions without giving your managers and employees a chance to cover up the problems.
There you have it: Choose the right type of audit to do in your company so you can resolve your health and safety problems effectively.

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Revealed: Four types of safety audits and how to use them
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