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Revealed: How to reduce 80% of all your on-site accidents

by , 18 July 2016
Revealed: How to reduce 80% of all your on-site accidentsWhat if I told you, there was a way you could reduce your on-site accidents by 80%?

For example, if you dealt with 32 injuries and accidents in the last 12 months in your construction or manufacturing environment... I guarantee you could potentially drop that figure to seven incidents in the next 12 months.

And less injured employees mean you save money! That's no absent employees you have to pay sick leave to, no replacement employees you have to train and pay and no increased COID tarrifs.

In fact if you take my advice, you'll make even more money as your company's productivity increases.

Read on as I reveal the process you need to use in your company now and how to use it successfully.

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The one process you need is…. A health and safety audit

A health and safety audit is an in-depth look at your health and safety systems.

And research from an international Department of Labour study proves that your health and safety audit can prevent up to 80% of workplace accidents.
The study revealed that for every 1 000 construction workers: 

  • 241 Workplace accidents and illnesses took place in companies that didn't do health and safety audits.
  • Companies that performed an annual health and safety audit, have half this incident rate. (According to the study, there were 107 workplace accidents and illnesses for every 1 000 workers who worked for companies who held a safety audit every year). 
  • Companies that did a health and safety audit every six months only had 47 safety incidents. That's half of what companies doing an annual audit experienced. And 80% fewer than companies that didn't do an audit at all!

But if you don't conduct a health and safety audit correctly, or don't know what to look out for, you won't see any difference in your company.
So I have a way you and your health and safety rep can find out everything you need to know in one day, to conduct successful health and safety audits!
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By the end of the day, you'll walk away understanding:
·         What Health and Safety auditing monitoring and reviewing actually involves
·         The four types of audits you must do each year and how to perform each one. 
·         Everything you need to prepare before an audit
·         How to monitor your company's health and safety systems – to add value to your company.
·         The biggest oversight companies make during safety audits – and how to avoid this
·         How to conduct health and safety audits – using your free Audit Smart software
·         How to report on your audit and what to include
·         How to review your health and safety system's performance and correct anything that doesn't look right.
So book your seat now at the Health and Safety Auditing Seminar and reduce your on-site accidents by 80%!

P.S. Book your seat at our hands-on, comprehensive and practical Health and Safety Auditing Seminar on 26 August 2016 and you'll receive a copy of Audit Smart absolutely FREE. It's your complete compliance health and safety auditing solution worth R3997 ex VAT.  I'll personally hand you your copy as soon as you walk into the seminar. Secure your copy now.

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Revealed: How to reduce 80% of all your on-site accidents
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