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Revealed: The eight objectives of legally compliant health and safety procedures

by , 29 October 2014
Creating health and safety procedures is an important part of your OHS Act compliance. These procedures help your employees follow your rules and guidelines for safe work and behaviour.

But you have to create your procedures with clear objectives otherwise they'll prove to be hopelessly ineffective.

That's why today, we're revealing the eight objective your health and safety procedures should achieve...


Ensure your health and safety procedures achieve these eight objectives

Your health and safety procedures should:
1. Reduce the number and severity of workplace accidents;
2. Reduce time lost through accidents;
3. Cut the cost of workers' compensation and liability insurance;
4. Improve morale;
5. Provide a written record of your company's safety instructions;
6. Provide a basis for discipline when your employees break the rules;
7. Provide a basis for further improvement of safe practices; and
8. Comply with government regulations. 
To achieve these objectives you must follow these four rules when you create your procedures. 
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Four rules you must follow when you create your health and safety procedures so they achieve their objective

1. Know exactly who your audience is. Are you writing these procedures for lower level employees or for senior management?
2. Use a format that's easy for your employees to use. For example, use graphs, diagrams and charts to show your employees exactly what you mean;
3. Use a style of writing that makes it easy for your employees to read and understand; and
4. Be precise in your writing. Don't be vague in your instructions because then your employees may not understand what you want them to do.
Follow these four rules so your procedures achieve their objectives.
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more on how to create your health and safety procedures. 

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Revealed: The eight objectives of legally compliant health and safety procedures
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