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Revealed: The key to a good safety audit

by , 21 August 2014
Do you always feel as if your safety audits lack something? Do you feel like you come out at the end without any useful information?

This is a common problem and it all comes down to one thing:

Your employees are essential to the safety audit process, and this is where your problem comes in. After all, most employers don't know how to approach their employees during a safety audit.

But you can - and must -overcome this problem! Today we're revealing the key to a good safety audit to help you do just that...


This is the key to a good safety audit

The key, anytime you have to involve your employees in a safety audit, is to approach them in the right way.
If you just hover around the workplace and ask questions, it'll confuse your employees and could alarm them.
Either way, you won't get the information you want because your employees will be too scared to give you honest answers. 
That's why you need to approach them in the right way so they feel comfortable answering your questions. Here's how to do that.
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Here's how to approach your employees during a safety audit
When you do your safety audit interviews you must be:
Friendly: If you greet your employees in a warm and welcoming way it'll put them at ease so they don't think you're there to yell at them for something.
Clear: Ensure your employees understand your questions and why you want this information. It'll help them give you the most relevant information possible.
Patient: Give your employees time to answer you. They may have vital information and you need to let them give it to you as best they can.
If you remember to approach your employees in the right way during your health and safety audit interviews, you'll be sure to get the right information. This will make for a good safety audit.

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Revealed: The key to a good safety audit
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