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Revealed: The three purposes of an emergency evacuation procedure

by , 09 October 2014
If there's an emergency like an earthquake or fire in your workplace, you and your employees must get out fast.

To guide this process, you need to create an emergency evacuation procedure.

This is one emergency document your company can't do without.

But what does this evacuation procedure really do?

To answer this question, we're revealing the three purposes of an effective emergency evacuation procedure...


An effective emergency evacuation procedure has these three purposes

1. It's there to provide employees and visitors with a guide to show them what actions they must take in the event of an emergency. This ensures the safe evacuation of all personnel, visitors, clients and contractors on the site at any given time.  
Without this guide, anyone trying to evacuate your premises might do the wrong thing and make the situation worse.
2. It must inform employees which actions you require from them in an emergency situation. This is particularly important when it comes to outlining the duties and responsibilities of the different members of your staff
You need to detail each person's responsibilities carefully so they can help during an emergency.
3. This procedure must act as a formalise plan of action that defines all activities your employees must follow in the event of an emergency; These emergencies included natural, mechanical, electrical, chemical disasters or those caused by human. This ensures employees know what to do no matter what kind of emergency strikes your workplace. 
But how can you be sure your evacuation procedure fulfils these three purposes?
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Here's how to check if your evacuation procedure fulfils these three purposes

To check if your evacuation procedure does what it should, ask yourself these questions:
1. Would anyone be able to easily understand what they must do during an emergency evacuation if they read this document?
2. Does this document make it clear what everyone must do during an evacuation?
3. Does this document act as a plan of action for any emergency?
If you can answer 'yes' to all those questions then it fulfils its purposes and is effective.

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Revealed: The three purposes of an emergency evacuation procedure
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