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SA has high alcohol-related accident rates. Stop your drivers from being a statistic with this one essential tip

by , 16 December 2015
As we head deep into December, the roads are bound to get busier. And with busier roads creating a higher risk for accidents, the last thing we want is drunk drivers increasing that risk even more.

But the WHO, in a recent report on global road safety, noted that South Africa has some of the world's most dangerous roads, especially when it comes to alcohol-related accidents.

That's right! According to Business Tech, South Africa has the highest road-accident rate with regard to drunk driving IN THE WORLD.

It has 25.1 deaths per 100 000 population, and despite this rate being an improvement from the past, the WHO noted, 58% of our road incidents are alcohol related.

So, with South Africa's notorious reputation for alcohol-related accidents, follow this simple tip to prevent your drivers from being part of the alarming statistics, right after this advertisement...


Being drunk at work constitutes misconduct!

You can dismiss your employee.

But, you must have an alcohol company policy in place. And communicate it to all your employees. It must regulate the consumption of alcohol on and off the company premises.

Click here to get your hands on the sample policy and your Ultimate guide to workplace breathalysers.


Tip: In-vehicle breathalysers
It has been noted that transportation companies make use of in-vehicle breathalysers.
In other words, a breathalyser is installed in the vehicle, such as a truck, and the driver must first pass it before starting the vehicle.
This can be a great way to prevent any drunk drivers of yours from rolling onto the roads and immediately becoming a huge risk to themselves as well as to the lives of countless others.
*Remember that the Intoxication section of the General Safety Regulations 2A clearly states that an employer MAY NOT allow an employee to work under the influence of alcohol. This EVEN includes if you're suspicious of one of your deriver's being drunk.
The legal driving limit in South Africa is 0.05 PrdP for light vehicles and 0.02 PrdP for heavy vehicles.

At the end of the day, you should encourage a zero-tolerance attitude towards drunk driving among your drivers, and installing breathalysers in your vehicles can be a great investment as it could prevent much bigger losses. 

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SA has high alcohol-related accident rates. Stop your drivers from being a statistic with this one essential tip
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