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SACPCMP is pointing fingers at safety officers for building collapses. Would you do the same?

by , 26 August 2014
There's a lot of talk at the moment about why accidents, such as the building collapse in Meyersdal last week, keep happening.

According to Nomvula Rakalote, an SACPCMP registrar, the problem comes down to unregistered project managers, health and safety agents, managers and officers. She believes the inexperienced and ineffective work these employees do is the cause for unsafe construction sites. This is what then leads to structural collapses.

So maybe it's time you asked yourself: Would your safety officer be to blame for accidents like this? Answer these questions to find out...


Answer these six questions to find out if your safety officer would be to blame for a construction accident

Your safety officer's job is to observe your employees at work and ensure they work safely and correctly. If he doesn't do this properly, he'll be responsible for any poor quality or unsafe work that causes an accident.
Ask these questions to determine if this is the case:
1. Was your safety officer on site before and during the accident?
2. Did he instruct your employees to work safely and correct any unsafe work?
3. Was he fully aware of what your employees were doing or was he distracted?
4. Did your safety officer miss any work or take extended breaks in the time leading up to the accident?
5. Did your safety officer give your employees clear instructions on how to do their work safely?
6. Does your safety officer have sufficient training and a registration with the right governing body? 
When answering these questions, observe your safety officer while he's on duty. Speak to your employees about his conduct and work. And check his records.
If your answers reveal that your safety officer isn't doing his job properly, he may be responsible for serious construction accidents.
PS. This essential tool guarantees your construction site will always be fully compliant with the DoL's new construction regulations...
If your site fails to comply with just one of the DoL construction regulations, it could result in an incident that leaves dozens of people injured or even dead!

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SACPCMP is pointing fingers at safety officers for building collapses. Would you do the same?
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