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Seven aspects to include in your HIV and Aids workplace programme

by , 28 October 2013
The Code of Good Practice on HIV and AIDS and the World of Work requires you to provide and maintain a safe and risk-free working environment. How do you do this? Set up an HIV and Aids workplace programme. Here's what to include in yours...

Your company's HIV and Aids workplace programme won't be that effective if it doesn't have the following aspects…

Include the following in your HIV and Aids workplace programme

The Health & Safety Advisor recommends you include the following aspects in your risk management programme:

  1. Measures to prevent exposure of your employees to bodily fluids and ways of implementing these;
  2. Identify and train employees at risk on how to protect themselves against exposure;
  3. Once exposure has occurred, act quickly, decisively and transparently;
  4. You can't force anyone to undergo an HIV test or to take ARVs;
  5. Open discussions, with signed informed employee consent must take place at all levels of decision taking;
  6. You must allow your exposed employee to make informed decisions on the use of Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), ARVs and participating in a wellness programme;
  7. And make use of a known and trusted medical practitioner to assist you in the implementation of the medical aspects of the risk management programme.

Be sure to include all these aspects in your HIV and Aids workplace programme to ensure your company's one is effective.

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Seven aspects to include in your HIV and Aids workplace programme
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