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Seven safety rules for handling explosives

by , 31 October 2013
While specialists develop and design explosives with safety in mind, explosives are inherently unstable and dangerous. That's why you must handle, process, store and transport them with the utmost care and attention to ensure the safety of your employees and others. Here are the seven general rules for handling explosives.

Once you've guaranteed your workplace is safe for working with explosives, you must instruct your employees on the correct handling of explosives.

Make sure your employees stick to these seven safety rules when handling explosives

The Health & Safety Advisor outlines the rules your employees must adhere to when handling explosives:

#1: Minimise the amount of friction you expose explosives to. For example, don't let explosives fall from a table, let something heavy fall onto explosives or drag an explosive item across a floor. This could cause a fire.

#2: Don't contaminate explosives with foreign matter such as oily substances or foreign chemicals. This may cause chemical degradation. Gritty matter, like sand, can lead to an increase in the sensitivity of the explosives.

#3: Don't expose explosives to sunlight or ultra-violet light. These cause chemical degradation. Ensure all long-term storage is in a dark location;

#4: Store explosives in a cool, dry place and never subject them to unnecessarily high temperatures that may impair chemical stability. The best storage temperatures are between15 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius;

#5: Follow special precautionary measures to avoid spillage of explosives. In case of an accidental spillage, follow an approved cleaning procedure (provided by your explosives manager) and immediately report the incident to the supervising official.

#6: Transport explosives carefully to avoid accidental ignition and explosion. Keep the transport containers clean and free from foreign matter and in a good state; and

#7: Don't leave cars transporting explosives unattended, unless parked in a designated area.

Explosives are dangerous. So make sure your employees stick to these rules when handling them.

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Seven safety rules for handling explosives
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