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Seven steps to a hassle-proof safety audit

by , 15 August 2014
Safety audits can feel like long and frustrating processes that never end. But they don't have to be. You can do them quickly, easily and effectively if you just follow the right process.

It's all about good preparation and knowing what to expect.

That's why we've outline seven steps that'll help you get through your safety audit it record time without missing a thing.

All of these steps are easy to implement and will turn your health and safety audit nightmares into safety dreams.

Read on to discover the seven steps for a completely hassle-proof safety audit...

Here are the seven steps you must follow for a hassle-proof safety audit

The point of a safety audit is to find holes in your health and safety programme. These problems can cause serious accident and land you in trouble with the DoL.
That's why it's so important to find them quickly and deal with them. But to do this without wasting weeks, takes careful planning and a detailed process.
Follow these seven steps to achieve an effective and fast safety audit:
Step #1: Plan your safety audit carefully.
Step #2: Decide which departments you'll include in your audit sample.
Step #3: Draw up your safety audit interview process.
Step #4: Decide what question you want to ask your employee during the audit process.
Step #5: Don't forget to tell your employee about the safety audit.
Step #6: Look for these tell-tale signs of an obvious clean-up job.
Step #7: Fill in your 'Unsatisfactory Findings' report.
There you have. All you need to do is follow this seven step process and you'll be 'A for away' with an effective and speedy safety audit.
If you need any more help, check out of AuditSmart product. It has everything you need to become a pro at safety audits.

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Seven steps to a hassle-proof safety audit
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