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Seven ways to encourage ALL your employees to be involved in Occupational Health and Safety

by , 21 July 2015
Investigations on incidents that happen in your workplace are a necessary part of business. They help you reduce health and safety risks in your workplace.

But your employee may not see it in the same light. This is especially true, if they were part of the incident. They may feel like you're looking for someone to blame. As a result, they end up distancing themselves from health and safety matters. This doesn't help anybody.

Since your employee may not see the benefit of being involved, here are seven ways to encourage them to take part by making it a culture in your company.

Your employees' being more hands on is beneficial for you and for them. For example, involving an employee in an incident investigation helps you gauge if they can spot their mistakes. It would also help you see how much of your health and safety policy they know. At the same time, it equips your employee with more knowledge.

Seven ways to create a culture of employee involvement 

1) Create a safe and open style of communication. 
It's OK for the lowest ranked worker to talk openly with anyone, including the Managing Director, on matters of health and safety.
2) Pay attention to reported incidents and acknowledge there's an underlying problem or issue.
You must treat every incident with equal importance. 
3) Do something about hazardous situations that employees report.
This will make your employees feel that their health and safety is important to you. 
4) Provide feedback to all your employees about the incidents and what preventative measures you are taking 
Your employees will see that reporting an incident isn't in vain. This will encourage more of them to get involved.
********* take a look at this *********
Your 1 527 health and safety duties as an employer
When was the last time you checked what disinfecting agents and cleaning materials your company uses? 
Do you comply with the Hazardous Chemical Regulations? 
There are over 1 500 items you must evaluate in your workplace according to the OHS Act and hundreds more from SABS 0400: National Building regulations. 
5) Don't blame people for the incident.
As mentioned, this does more harm than good to your employees willingness to participate. It also doesn't solve anything.
6) Establish the underlying causes that led to the incident.
Doing a root cause analysis will help you eliminate existing future risks. 
7) Take preventive action to make sure no further incidents occur.
It also reassures them of your commitment to health and safety in the workplace.

Use these seven tips to promote a culture that encourages your employees to be more hands on in health and safety issues. 

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Seven ways to encourage ALL your employees to be involved in Occupational Health and Safety
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