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Seven ways your employees can prevent eye strain

by , 06 August 2013
More than 2 000 people injure their eyes at work each day. This in turn causes absenteeism, permanent loss of vision and lost productivity. To work effectively and comply with Occupational Health and Safety Act, it's vital for your company and employees to protect their eyes and prevent injury. Here are seven tips you can use to help your employees prevent eye strain.

While working on a computer can't damage your employee's eyes, it can cause eye strain.

The four causes of eye strain are fatigue, dry eyes, bad lighting and bad posture in front of the computer.

This type of eyestrain is called computer vision syndrome. In some cases, an underlying eye problem such as eye muscle imbalance or uncorrected vision can cause or worsen computer eyestrain, says the MayoClinic.

Luckily, you can help your employees avoid straining their eyes.

Use these seven tips to help your employees prevent eye strain

  1. Ensure your employees position their computer screens 50.8 to 53.34 cm away from their eyes and a little bit below eye level, says the Health&Safety Advisor.
  2. Ensure employees adjust their chairs so they aren't sitting with the computer screen at eye level.
  3. Ensure your employees position a document holder between the monitor and keyboard or right next to the monitor to avoid twisting their necks to view source material says the American Society of Orthopedic Surgeons.
  4. Have glare filters over your employee's monitors to prevent harsh reflections.
  5. Ensure there's sufficient lighting in your office, LUX 500 (SI unit of illuminance) is the recommended level.
  6. If your employee complains of eye strain he might need glasses or to change the script of his existing lenses. Make sure he sees an optometrist who'll be able to see if dry eyes are a problem and prescribe eye lubricants, such as natural tears.
  7. Conduct eye exams if your employees are at risk in terms of medical surveillance. For example, your drivers are legally required to have eye testing with regard to conditions of employment.

Using these tips will help ensure your employees don't strain their eyes when working on the computer.

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