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Shocking death at Brazilian stadium reveals one easy way to prevent electrical accidents in the workplace

by , 19 May 2014
On Thursday, the 8th of May 2014, an electrical discharge killed a construction worker in Brazil. He was working on the Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba, one of the stadiums for the Soccer World Cup.

Sadly, this type of accident isn't uncommon. Thousands of workers die on site because their employers didn't follow OHS regulations.

But you can prevent this from happening on your construction site - just by following these three regulations.

Costly health and safety blunders that 2 out of 3 companies make every year.
Are you a culprit too?

Three regulations regarding electrical installation that can prevent electrical accidents

The moral of the construction worker's story is this: You must follow health and safety regulations to keep you and your employees safe. 
So what does that mean in terms of electrical regulations?
Firstly: Make sure you're maintaining the electrical systems in your building. As the owner of the building, it's your responsibility to keep the electrical system working properly.
Secondly: Get a DoL approved inspector to do regulars electrical inspections.
Thirdly: When you install any new electrical systems, you must get a new 'Certificate of Compliance'. 
By following these regulations, you can protect your employees from the four big electrical hazards all workplaces face.
It's a legal requirement. You must identify hazards and assess risks in your company

The four biggest electrical hazards that can put your employees at risk

The Health and Safety Advisor says the four biggest electrical workplace hazards are:
1. Shocks and burns from contact with live parts that;
2. Fires caused by faults in the electrical system;
3. Fire or explosion where electricity is the cause; and
4. No 'lock-out' procedures used when working on electrical installations or equipment.
These electrical hazards normally start to happen if your electrical system is old. Old electrical systems can have problems such as loose or damaged wires. But you can prevent these hazards if you follow the regulations and assess the risk of electrical shocks. 
So follow the regulations to ensure your electrical system is up to scratch. It's the best way to stop what happened in Brazil from happening to you.

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Shocking death at Brazilian stadium reveals one easy way to prevent electrical accidents in the workplace
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