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Six areas your health and safety management software MUST tackle

by , 22 August 2013
If you've chosen to use a software system to manage and keep track of what your company requires in terms of health and safety, you need to ensure your software can do the following six things...

Your health and safety management software will be totally useless if it can't tackle the following areas:

Six issues your software MUST be able to tackle

The Health&Safety Advisor says you must make sure your software can do the following:

  1. Make it easier to deal with the volume of record keeping related to health and safety management.
  2. Be user-friendly. Your software must enable employees with limited previous exposure to working on a computer to capture selected data as required. For example, reporting an incident or completing an inspection record.
  3. Be flexible and customisable to meet your organisation's needs. Within the structure of the software you need to be able to use your own terminology. Basically, you must make your system work for you.
  4. Allow for quick and easy reporting and do away with duplication of recording data in different places and systems to facilitate statistical reporting.
  5. Empower users by providing instant access to information as and when needed.
  6. Build a knowledge base on health and safety information that's useful for strategic planning and business development.

Well there you have it. Make sure your health and safety management software allows you to tackle the above mentioned areas. This'll help ensure you effectively manage health and safety hazard sin your workplace and comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

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Six areas your health and safety management software MUST tackle
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