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Six simple steps you need to take for a safer office environment

by , 09 April 2015
Most people know about the huge amount of health and safety risks in a factory.

What's not so obvious is the safety risks your office employees face! Who would've thought employees who sit all day in an air-conditioned office would be at risk of injury?

But they are! There area surprising number of hazards in an office.

And I'm going to give you eight simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of injuries to your office staff...

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Simple changes can minimise hazards, and reduce the number of injuries.

1. Stay clutter-free
I'd say about 80% of us are guilty of this one! We put a box on the floor next to us, or find a lonely desk to perch it on. With every good intention of one day putting it where it's supposed to go. But that never happens. In fact, the box suddenly multiplies. And before you know it, there's a whole colony of unwanted stuff with it. As the story goes, the weight eventually gives in, and everything comes tumbling down. Either taking a victim or two down with it. Or in the aftermath.

You need to set space aside where these goods are safely stored to prevent the build-up of clutter. And implement policies so that your staff stick to them.

2. Stepping up
Standing on chairs, especially office chairs with wheels, is a big no no.  You need to invest in a stepladder and educate your employees on how to use it. If they can't reach for something, they need to get the little ladder out. Open it up fully, and get what they need to. Safely. It'd be a good idea to do this exercise in pairs. Just in case whatever your employee is lifting from a height is too heavy.

3. Provide adjustable equipment
One size doesn't fit all when it comes to office equipment. You need to take differences into account when it comes to chairs, monitor settings and even work surfaces. The COID claims will be a lot higher than the amount you spend on tailoring your equipment! A risk assessment will help you ascertain who needs what. So try the risk assessment toolkit.

Amazed with these simple solutions? Read on for more…

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Three more simple solutions to revolutionise safety in your office

4. Close the cabinet
Firstly, don't fully open the file cabinet drawers. Because the whole cabinet could topple over. And if you leave the drawers open, there's a good chance that someone could walk into it! The solution is the simple act of getting into the habit of closing the drawer when you're done.

5. Get a grip
If no-one's ever told you that tiles in an office environment is a bad idea, I'm telling you now. When wet, tiles make the surface extremely dangerous because people will slip easily. And this isn't age-specific! You need to either invest in putting carpets down or covering the floor with a non-slip coating.

6. Provide document holders
Yip, as easy as that. Supplying employees with a document holder is an excellent way of spending your money. Especially when you consider the alternative of COID claims because they get neck strain.

So there you have it! Simple and probably obvious ways to make your office a safer working environment for employees!

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Six simple steps you need to take for a safer office environment
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