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Six steps to follow when registering to store flammable liquids

by , 03 January 2014
Flammable liquids pose a serious risk to you and your employees if dealt with incorrectly. It's essential you know the correct regulations to store and use them so that you minimise this risk. Here are the six steps you must follow when registering to store flammable liquids.

The Health & Safety Advisor defines flammable liquids as any liquid which produces vapour that forms an explosive mixture with air. This includes any liquid with a flashpoint of less than 55 degrees Celsius.

As soon as you want to erect a flammable store, you must apply to your local authority for permission to do so.

It will instruct you to apply the specific by-law for its municipality.

While the registration procedure details differ from authority to authority, you can use these steps as a guide.

Follow these six steps when registering to store flammable liquids

Step #1: Get an official application form from your local authority and complete it.

Step #2: Submit a detailed plan of the flammable store you're contemplating to the local authority together with the official application form. The relevant departments of the local authority will examine these.

Step #3: If your plans are approved, you may commence constructing your flammable store. The local authority will inspect the building process regularly.

Step #4: After you've completed the store to the local authority's satisfaction, it will issue a certificate for storage of flammable substances.

Step #5: Display the certificate clearly.

Step #6: Ensure your store continues to remain in compliance with the set requirements as the local authority may conduct regular inspections.

If your store forms part of an existing building, the following general requirements apply in the case of most local authorities.

Two requirements for a flammable store forming part of an existing building

  1. The flammable store may only have one outer wall.
  2. Doors may only be in the outer wall. You're not allowed doors in the inner walls.

You can't just put up a flammable store. You must apply to your local authority first. Make sure you follow the above mentioned steps when registering.

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Six steps to follow when registering to store flammable liquids
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