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Six things to include in your health and safety inspection report

by , 17 October 2013
You must conduct inspections to identify risks and to protect your workers, plant and machinery from potential loss. But, this isn't the end of it. You must also compile an inspection report that contains these six elements...

According to the Health & Safety Advisor, when you do health and safety inspections, you're not answering questions as you would in an audit. You'll check what actually happens in your workplace against documentation that defines what should happen in the workplace.

That's why you must ensure your inspection report has these details.

Here's a checklist of the six elements your inspection report must include

Your inspection report must include:

  1. How the process, equipment or machine should be running.
  2. How the process, equipment or machine is actually running.
  3. All problems noted during the inspection.
  4. Recommendations for corrective actions.
  5. The name of the person responsible for implementing the corrections.
  6. A due date for completion of corrections.

You must keep records of the inspection until you've taken all corrective action.

Don't close or file away an inspection report until you and your employees have completed all corrective actions.

And when you're ready to conduct your next inspection of the same subject, get your last inspection report and list all the problems and corrective actions you haven't completed in your new inspection report. Then close and file the old report.

Remember, you must keep records of all inspection reports, your recommendations and their completion. These are proof that you've complied with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

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Six things to include in your health and safety inspection report
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