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Six tools to increase workplace communication for Health and Safety

by , 19 August 2015
It is your legal obligation to ensure that all necessary health and safety information - such as training, instructions and supervision - are successfully transferred to your employees. This, of course, involves communication.

Communication is a vital component when it comes to Health and Safety in the workplace. After all, you need to communicate with your employees as to all health and safety procedures. Doing so will not only make them aware of them, but it can help prevent an incident in the workplace from occurring.

Here are six tools you can use to increase workplace communication...

1. Use colourful posters: 

Colourful posters will attract attention. Also, various coloured posters on a rotation basis so as to maintain that eye-catching effect. 

2. Have 'toolbox talks'

Unlike training, 'toolbox talks' are short discussions on health, safety and general well-being. Hold these talks at least once a week and include issues that are relevant and of common interest to your employees.  

3. Implement an incentive scheme

Encourage your employees to communicate an comply with health and safety regulations by introducing an incentive scheme that rewards such behaviour. 

4. Assess and grade all management staff in charge of health and safety communication: 

By doing this at least once a year, you can see if key performance areas were met. You can also identify any areas that fell short and set out to improve them. 


What if I told you there were 97 Toolbox Talks just waiting for you…

And all you had to do was hit 'print'?

I'm telling you that now.

5. Introduce a 'suggestion box':

Doing this shows that there in openness in the workplace – a very important part of effective communication. Apart from being open to suggestion, present some of them on the notice board and state what you are doing in response to them. 

6. Connect personal benefit to health and safety:

Tell your employees the conditions for claiming compensation from COID. This could build a safety awareness among them. 
So, there you have it! There were six practical tools to use in order to increase communication in the workplace for Health and Safety purposes. 

But that's not all…


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Six tools to increase workplace communication for Health and Safety
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