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Six ways to oversee contractors in your workplace

by , 22 August 2015
Do you have contractors who are working on your premises? If so, then take note! With the recently introduced Construction Regulations (promulgated on the 7th of February 2014, you now have more responsibilities when it comes to managing the contractors on your premises.

Here are six ways you can manage them:

1. Make your contractors sign a contract:

Make your contractors sign a contract so as to ensure that they comply with all Health and Safety regulations.

2. Get the contractor to attend training in which he is trained in accordance with your health and safety rules. 
Information covered in the training can include: 

Fire prevention; 
Confidentiality; and 


Do you have contractors working at your offices? – Do you know what your health and safety obligations are?
If you have contractors working on your premises, you're liable for their health and safety.
What if the contractors injure one of your employees? Or one of the contractors employees falls off a ladder and has to be taken to hospital? 

3. Ensure that the contractor adheres to all legislation and regulations.
4. Do health and safety audits every 30 days. He must give a report of the audit to the principal contractor within seven days of the audit.
5. You, as the client, must carry out a risk assessment, after which the contractor must carry one out before initiating work. Also, ensure that your employees are well-informed of the risks on the site. 
6. Make sure that the Workman's Compensation Commissioner gives a 'Certificate of Good Standing' in the same month that the work starts.
So there you have it! There are six simple steps to take in managing your contractors. 
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Six ways to oversee contractors in your workplace
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