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Speeding driver blamed for Spanish train crash! Are your company drivers a road hazard?

by , 25 July 2013
A speeding train driver in Spain has caused a massive accident when the train derailed. Do you ever wonder if your company drivers are a hazard on the road? Here is a checklist to ensure that your business doesn't contribute to the 6 000 deaths on South African roads every year.

Professional drivers are a different breed. What is simply a means to an end for us, is an entire livelihood to them. On our dangerous South African roads, a slip in concentration or reckless risk taking could mean a totaled car or worse, the end of a life.

As crashes are in the news, it seems that drivers are often partly at fault. The Spanish train crash driver was allegedly speeding when his train derailed, reports News24.

Make sure your company drivers don't pose a similar threat to the public with this checklist from the Health and Safety Advisor.
  1. Is your driver's vehicle roadworthy and in good condition?
  2. Does your driver know the rules of the road?
  3. Does your driver get enough rest to stay focused and alert while driving?
  4. Does your driver follow the speed limit?
  5. Does your driver respect fellow road users?
  6. Has your driver gone on an advanced driving course?
If you can't answer a confident 'yes' to all the questions above, you need to take action.

Assess your company driver discretely

Like anyone else, company drivers will be on their best behaviour if they know you're watching them.

For an accurate assessment of their skills and behaviour, consider doing the following:

Randomly and without their knowledge, follow the driver in your car and observe his actions. Make mental notes (or voice notes on your cell phone) of whether he obeys the speed limit, takes the correct route, indicates, follows road signs and respects other drivers.

Once you know how your driver can improve, you can do internal training or send them on an advanced driving course. This will ensure your company drivers aren't a hazard on the road so you can avoid a Spanish train crash-like disaster.

Does your company driver have a Professional Driving Permit (PrDP)? Turn to chapter P02 of your Health and Safety Advisor to get nine easy steps on how they can apply for one. 


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Speeding driver blamed for Spanish train crash! Are your company drivers a road hazard?
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