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Spring cleaning your office? Remember the 12 steps of desanitising

by , 16 August 2013
You must provide and maintain a work environment that's safe and without risk to the health of your employees. This includes your duties regarding housekeeping. Make sure your employees follow these twelve steps when desanitising.

It's something that people don't think of when it comes to health and safety, but you have an obligation to keep floors, walls, windows, doors and ceilings clean and free of dust. Inhaled dust can make your employees sick.

But you can easily avoid this if you follow the correct rules for general cleaning

Make sure your employees follow these 12 steps when desanitising.

The Health&Safety Advisor recommends you tell your employees to do the following when desanitising:

Step #1: Put on rubber gloves.

Step #2: First wipe down the surface with warm water and a cloth.

Step #3: Wait for the surface to dry.

Step #4: Always use clean buckets or other containers when desanitising.

Step #5: Check the instructions on the container of the desanitiser. It might tell you that you need to wear goggles or a ventilated mask while using the desanitiser.

Step #6: Mix the desanitiser according to the instructions given on the container. Tell your employees to never guess, they must always measure. The instructions are there to protect them.

Step #7: Using a fresh clean cloth, start desanitising.

Step #8: When you desanitise, use a circular movement. Apply enough pressure on the surface you're cleaning to remove the dirt and grime.

Light pressure doesn't do the job properly. Using the circular movement prevents streaks on the surface and prevents too much pressure on your hands, arms, shoulders and neck which could cause muscle strain and soreness.

Step #9: When the cloth or sponge you're using starts to show signs of dirt, clean it before you continue. This'll stop you transferring dirt from one area to another on the cloth.

Step #10: Don't stretch too high during cleaning. Rather use a safe ladder to reach high places. Make sure someone holds the ladder while you clean, or use a ladder you can secure.

Step #11: If you have to clean lower surfaces don't bend. Rather kneel. Place your knees slightly apart, and keep your back straight. Don't stretch. Rather move along on your knees while cleaning.

Step #12: After desanitising, clean all of the equipment you've used and return it to its storage place.

Following these steps will help ensure you comply with housekeeping rules set out by the OHSA.

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Spring cleaning your office? Remember the 12 steps of desanitising
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