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Staff lunch? If they get food poisoning, you're to blame!

by , 07 August 2013
Whether you run an office canteen or just get a caterer for company functions, watch out. It's your responsibility to ensure that there's no food contamination. And if your staff get sick from food you provide, you're liable for their illness! Read on to discover the food safety tips to keep you out of the doghouse...

Workplace health and safety isn't just about hard hats and fire drills. You must make sure the food you serve isn't a health hazard to your workers.

This comes to light after a food contamination drama plagues Fonterra, the world's biggest dairy producer, reports BBC News. The dairy producer has had to recall several products because of a bacterial contamination.

They could avoid this – and so can you – by keeping to food hygiene standards.

To help keep food contamination to a minimum, make sure your staff follow this checklist from the Health and Safety Advisor when preparing food.

Use this good hygiene checklist to keep food preparation safe.

Food handlers must…

1. Wash and dry their hands before and after handling food. They must also wash and dry their hands after going to the toilet, handling rubbish, blowing their nose, sneezing, coughing, or touching their hair.

2. Avoid working with food if they're sick.

3. Report all sickness to management before they start work.

4. Avoid work if they're suffering from diarrhea or vomiting.

5. Avoid handling food if they have skin infections that they can't cover.

6. Make they cover cuts or wounds with waterproof dressing.

7. Avoid spitting in food handling areas.

8. Avoid smoking or chewing gum in food handling areas.

9. Never taste, sample or eat the food that's being prepared for others.

10.  Wear clean protective clothing at all times.

Food hygiene tip: Print this checklist out and display it in the food preparation area of your company.

By keeping this food safety checklist in mind at all times, your company's food preparation will always be safe and hygienic. 

Turn to chapter H01 of your Health and Safety Training Manual to find out how your our facilities for eating, cooking and personal hygiene must comply with the health and safety regulations


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Staff lunch? If they get food poisoning, you're to blame!
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