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The Big Brother house has gone up in smoke! And your workplace could too

by , 09 September 2014
On the 2nd of September, the Big Brother Africa house, located in Sandton, went up in smoke. The cause of the fire is still, at this point, unknown.

This accident raises a question about how a building with constant surveillance, security and safety measures could suffer an accident like this.

If a building with that kind of infrastructure could catch fire, your business definitely could too.

To ensure this doesn't happen, you need to check these three problem areas...


Check the three areas to ensure they won't cause a fire in your workplace

1. Your electrical cables
Places with the amount of electrical cables and equipment the Big Brother house has are very vulnerable to fires. The more cables you have tangled together, the hotter they get. The plastic coating could melt, the wires could touch and spark and that could start a fire. 
Ensure yours are in good condition and aren't tangled together.
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Do your employees know about the different fire equipment?
2. Your smoking area
The area where your employees smoke could be a danger. If it's too close to your building, someone could accidently flick a match or burning cigarette close to the building. This could then start a fire that may easily spread inside.
You must put your smoking area at a safe distance from your building where there's nothing that could easily catch fire.
3. Your equipment
Old equipment can easily over heat, spark, and cause a fire. You need to constantly maintain and repair your equipment so it doesn't become a fire hazard.
Inspecting the condition of your workplace and equipment is vital in preventing fires. Check for these three possible hazards in your workplace and you'll survive the fate of the Big Brother house. 

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The Big Brother house has gone up in smoke! And your workplace could too
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