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The four things you must do after your health and safety audit

by , 16 August 2016
The four things you must do after your health and safety auditYou've conducted health and safety audits in the workplace before, simply because it's a legal requirement under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). And also because it's helps you stay on top of safety in your workplace, so you can avoid any unnecessary workplace accidents from occurring.

So that's quite clear, but how many of you know the follow-up procedure once you've successfully completed a health and safety audit?

In this article, there are four questions which will help ensure you know just what to do after your health and safety audit...


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The four things you must do after your health and safety audit

Question#1: Have you put together a report?

You must put together an Overview of Unsatisfactory Findings Report that documents all deviations you noted in the workplace during the audit, as well as all recommendations for improvement.

The auditor must define the situation he observed, and provide reasons for any deviations in the workplace, after which he and the responsible manager must sign the report.

Question#2: Have you held a pre-closing meeting?

It's important for the auditor to hold a pre-closing meeting with the audit team over the following points:

·         A review of all findings observed during the audit;

·         Reach agreement on any critical, major or minor deviations (A critical deviation means that an entire part of your health and safety system isn't under control; a major deviation means that an area isn't following some of your health and safety procedures; and a minor deviation means a deviation that has no impact on your health and safety system).

·         Complete the Overview of Unsatisfactory Findings Report, with careful attention being given to the Auditor's general comments; and

·         Prepare the agenda for the closing meeting.
QUESTION#3: Have you followed up with a closing meeting?

The agenda for this meeting should include:

·         Thanks;
·         Confirmation of the areas covered in the audit;
·         Overview of deviations and corrective measures;
·         General comments;
·         Clarification;
·         Report availability; etc.
QUESTION#4: Have you performed the necessary post-closing activities?

Here, the auditor should prepare a checklist with the deviations and corrective measures, after which he must then ensure that they're carried out in the workplace.

*If you can answer YES to all those questions, then you would have successfully carried out all post-audit activities.

To learn more on conducting health and safety audits, page over to Chapter H 06: Health and Safety Audits, in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook, or click here to order your copy today. 

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The four things you must do after your health and safety audit
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