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The most important element of any health and safety audit

by , 13 May 2016
In order to be legally compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), you need to carry out regular health and safety audits in your workplace to ensure that all health and safety systems are running smoothly.

They help you to identify any workplace hazards before they lead to an unwanted incident.

Now, when it comes to actually conducting a health and safety audit, it should come as no surprise that the most important part is preparation.

Keep reading to find out what it should consist of...

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Preparation is the key to any health and safety audit

Before conducting a health and safety audit, you should hold an opening, otherwise known as a 'pre-audit', meeting. In it, you should include at least one management representative and health and safety representative (from the relevant department or section of the workplace you'll be auditing).

The purpose of this meeting is so that the auditor can explain the scope of the audit.

Within this scope, the method, process and schedule will be discussed.

NOTE: The audit schedule will consist of an order of events. In other words, the various phases in collecting relevant information for the audit.

For example, the auditor will set aside specific times of the audit day for interviews with employees as well as for observations.
*Once all this has been explained in the opening meeting, you're ready to conduct the audit.

REMEMBER: Planning is vital to a successful health and safety audit, and that's why it's highly recommended that every business conducts a pre-audit meeting.

But now that you've got the preparation part sorted, it's now time for you to actually conduct your health and safety audit.

So to learn useful tips and steps for when conducting a health and safety audit, flip over to Chapter H 06 in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook today, or click here to order your copy of this invaluable health and safety resource today.

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The most important element of any health and safety audit
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