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The one health and safety duty many employers get wrong

by , 09 May 2016
You have many health and safety obligations in the workplace which you simply can't afford to ignore. Because doing so could lead to a R100 000 fine or a one-year prison sentence!

So it's vitally important you ensure you're carrying them out all the time.

But there's one in particular many employers not only overlook, but misinterpret altogether.

In this article, we'll reveal to you that duty as well as how to implement it correctly. So keep reading to find out what it is...


Attention! Health and Safety specialists face fines imposed by the DoL!
Recently, the Department of Labour (DoL) conducted over 190,000 impromptu health and safety inspections. It even shut down a company for failing to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

Employers have been warned that there will be many more inspections.
Don't let them show up at your door unannounced.
Inform employees
You have a legal duty to inform your employees properly regarding health and safety hazards and risks in the workplace.
This duty may seem somewhat straightforward. But it's not!

You see, many employers interpret this to mean simply telling their employees to work safely. But in reality this will not suffice.

What must you do?

You must thoroughly explain to your employees what the workplace hazards and risks are in the workplace, as well as what they must do, and how they must do it, to prevent any harm to themselves in the workplace.

Therefore, this duty to inform leads to action in the form of health and safety training for your employees, as well as clear health and safety work procedures for all of them to follow.

*That was one overlooked health and safety duty many employers misinterpret.

If you yourself aren't carrying out this duty properly, start immediately!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Apart from this health and safety duty, there are many others you have to know and implement in the workplace.

To see what each of them is, simply page over to Chapter E 01: Employer Obligations in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook,

Don't already have it? No problem!

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The one health and safety duty many employers get wrong
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