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The Tongaat Mall saga continues! Here's one vital point you can learn from it

by , 29 July 2014
I'm sure remember the terrible Tongaat Mall collapse from November last year. It killed two people and left 29 people injured.

Now eight months later, the DoL is still investigating the collapse. Slowly but surely, the truth is coming out about what caused the accident.

It turns out that during the building stages, the head contractor forgot to do a very important step. If this saga teaches you anything, ensure it reminds you to do this vital thing...

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Never make mistake the Tongaat Mall contractors made

The cause of the Tongaat Mall collapse was weak structural pillars. These concrete support structures simply gave way beneath the mall.
This means, when the builders put them up, no one ensured they could take the weight of the mall. 
If the head contractor had simply done a test on the durability of the concrete pillars, he would have known they weren't strong enough. 
So if this whole investigation saga teaches you anything, let it teach you the importance of doing strength and hardness testing on your construction site.
To test the strength of your concrete support structures, you can use any of these concrete testing methods...

Use any of these four strength test methods to ensure your support structures can do their job

When you test the strength of concrete support structures you can use the:
- Maturity Method (This tests how strong the concrete is based on its temperature.)
- Windsor Probe Testing (This tests how the support structure withstands when you fire a hardened steal probe at the column.)
- Rebound Hammer (This tests the rebound strength of the concrete.)
- Pullout Test (Here you embed a metal shaft with a larger head into fresh concrete. The tip of the shaft must stick out so you can grab it. The test then measures how much force you need to pull it out.)
So remember to test all of your support structures to avoid a Tongaat Mall disaster of your own. 
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The Tongaat Mall saga continues! Here's one vital point you can learn from it
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