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These are 14 things your first aid team must do in an emergency

by , 30 September 2014
With workplace emergencies comes workplace injuries. This is why your first aiders must know exactly what to do during an emergency.

They need to help anyone with injuries during an emergency, but they can't just rush around everywhere with their first aid kit. They have to follow the correct procedures.

That's why you must ensure your first aider know the 14 things they must do during an emergency...


Ensure your first aiders do these 14 things during an emergency 

1. When the emergency evacuation alarm goes off, your first aiders on duty should collect the first aid kit and move to their designated assembly point.
2. If they're not in their designated areas and can't get to their assembly point, they have to follow the same procedure all personnel do.
3. On arrival at the designated assembly point, they must follow procedure for roll call and tell the security guard they are first aiders, as well as, whether they have a first aid kit in their possession or not.
4. The security guard will notify the Emergency Controller, detailing how many first aiders are present and how many have first aid kits are available.
5. The Emergency Controller will advise whether the first aiders need to another area to help other employees.
6. If the Emergency Controller needs their assistance, they must follow the instructions he gives them.
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7. Give the necessary treatment to the injured and ensure the area remains untouched so that possible evidence is undisturbed for investigation later.
8. Record the names and employee numbers of all injured persons. They must give this information to the Occupational Health Practitioner or the Responsible Human Resources person.
9. If the patient is unconscious or there's a possibility of the patient losing consciousness, they must attach a card with the person's name and employee number to his clothing for easy identification. Then they must move the injured persons to: 
- The nearest Emergency Service areas as listed;
- An assembly point where an ambulance has easy access; or
- An assembly point where there's enough room for an ambulance.
10. Liaise with the Occupational Health Practitioner or Emergency Controller through the security guard at the assembly point.
11. Keep their treatment record book up-to-date.
12. Hand over the patient to the Emergency Services on arrival and give the necessary information to the Senior Paramedic regarding injuries.
13. When the emergency is over, first aiders must return their first aid kit to its designated location.
14. If they used the first aid kit contents, they must order the required stock to replenish the kit afterwards.
Your first aiders must know how to do these 14 things during an emergency to effectively help other employees. 

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These are 14 things your first aid team must do in an emergency
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