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These are the three grades of workplace emergencies! Make sure you respond appropriately

by , 27 October 2014
As part of your OHS responsibilities, you must prepare for workplace emergencies. This includes having the right response mechanisms in place for different types of incidents.

But to provide the right response you need to know the different grades of emergencies.

There are three different grades and each one will require different responses.

Read on to discover what they are...


Here are the three emergency grades

Your senior health and safety official on duty in the area the accident happened in, will grade all the incidents. 
The incident grades are as follows:
An incident internal Fire and Rescue Services can handle on their own, for example a small workplace fire.
You don't need to call outside organisations such as the fire department or police services.
You must train your emergency teams to cope with these emergencies effectively. You must also ensure they have all the equipment they need to do their job.
An incident where you need outside assistance and the relevant organisations, such as the fire department or police services, will need to help. This emergency grade means the incident is serious enough that your team can't handle the situation on their own.
The disaster management will activate the Joint Operations Centre (JOC). This is a control centre where your internal teams can manage the emergency together with external emergency services.
An example of this type of disaster is a fire or explosion that causes many serious injuries and a lot of damage. 
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A major incident requiring FULL emergency procedures where you'll need all the relevant organisations to help out. Once again, the disaster management will activate a Joint Operations Centre for a grade 3 emergency.
An example of this kind of grade is a building collapse were employees are trapped under the rubble.
Train your senior health and safety official to recognise these different emergency grades so you can respond to emergencies correctly. 
For more information on preparing for workplace emergencies, check out the Health and Safety Advisor.

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These are the three grades of workplace emergencies! Make sure you respond appropriately
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