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These four items are common causes of a workplace fire disaster

by , 09 September 2014
A fire is one of the worst disasters a company can experience. It could wipe out everything you worked so hard for. That's why you need to do everything you can to prevent this disaster from happening in your workplace.

The best way to prevent a fire is to deal with the possible causes of this workplace disaster.

So what causes are you looking for when you do this?

To help, we're revealing four items that commonly cause fires so you can check them and prevent them from doing the same in your workplace...


Check these four items so they don't cause fires in your workplace

1. Electrical cables 
The electrical cables you use, such as the ones you run under the desks to connect your employee's computers to the plug socket, can easily cause a fire. If you have too many, they may overheat, their plastic coatings could melt away and if the wires touch they spark. 
Check that you don't have too many cables bunched together.
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2. Your electrical system
The electrical system that runs throughout your building could also cause a serious fire. You should get a professional electrical engineer to inspect it every so often so you can keep it well maintained.
3. Your electrical equipment
Any of your equipment can short circuit if it overheats. This can lead to a electrical fire. Inspect your machinery and equipment to ensure it works properly and won't short circuit.
4. Smoking employees
If your employees smoke too close to your building, they could start a fire outside which could quickly spread inside.
Move the smoking area to a space that's a safe distance away to avoid this danger.
So check these four common causes of workplace fires today to prevent a disaster like this happening to you.

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These four items are common causes of a workplace fire disaster
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