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This common building component could cause these three workplace emergencies

by , 29 September 2014
Consider what you need in your office building to run you company. You'll need lights, power points, printers, computers and a number of other electrical appliances. All of these need one common building component to work: Electricity.

Without it, your business wouldn't be able to do anything. But electricity is also a deadly force that can easily cause a workplace disaster.

In fact, there are three serious workplace emergencies electricity can cause in your workplace.

Read on to find out what they are...


These are the three workplace emergencies electricity can cause

Emergency 1: Workplace fires
Electrical fires are very common, especially in old buildings. This happens when the electrical circuits or appliances are old and cause sparks. 
You need to keep flammable items away from electrical appliances or outlets. Also do regular maintenance to prevent this from happening.
Emergency 2: Electrocutions 
If your employees fiddle with the electrical circuit in an appliance they run the risk of serious electrocution. If the appliance is old and damaged it can also seriously electrocute anyone that uses it normally. 
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Emergency 3: Explosions
If there are problems with your electrical system it could cause a power surge. This surge can cause appliances, such as computers and lights, to explode. If any of your employees are near an appliance when it explodes it can cause him serious injuries. These explosions can also lead to a fire if they're big enough. 
These are all emergency situations because of the damage and injuries they can cause. You have to deal with them quickly and effectively with proper first aid and evacuation procedures. 
Also remember to keep your electrical appliances and circuits well maintained and in good condition to prevent them from causing any of these emergencies. 

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This common building component could cause these three workplace emergencies
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