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This fatal mistake caused 48 more deaths in the Nigerian church collapse

by , 25 September 2014
Two weeks ago, a church in Nigeria collapsed. As rescuers continue to dig through the rubble, they're finding more and more bodies. The death toll is now up to 115.

The death count rose quickly from 67 to 115 because of a single, fatal recue mistake.

It stopped rescue services from getting to people trapped in the rubble fast enough. This meant those who didn't die in the initial collapse, died because they were trapped.

If an emergency happens at your workplace and you make this fatal mistake, it could lead to a similar fate for your employees...


This is the rescue mistake you must avoid so your employees don't suffer a similar fate

After the Nigerian church collapse, rescue services tried to jump into action. Unfortunately, staff at the church hampered their progress and this resulted in the rescue operation moving slower than it should have.
This is a fatal mistake, because after an emergency, every second counts when it comes to saving lives.
Here's how you can avoid this mistake...
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Here's how to avoid this fatal rescue mistake in your workplace 

Your employees who weren't in the accident mustn't try help with the rescue unless a rescuer asks them to. Because they don't have the training they'll just get in rescue services' way. This will slow down the whole process.
Also, don't let them interfere – for example, by blocking parts of the rubble or purposely getting in the way. 
They need to stay back and let rescue services do their jobs. Otherwise, it could result in trapped employees dying under the rubble.
Give your surviving employees clear instructions about what to do and what not to do to avoid this fatal rescue mistake.

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This fatal mistake caused 48 more deaths in the Nigerian church collapse
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