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This one tip will make your emergency procedure toolbox talk more effective

by , 04 September 2014
An important part of preparing your employees for an emergency is to do a toolbox talk on the procedures they must follow. This will enable them to understand exactly what they must do.

But it's not just about explaining everything to them and then answering their questions.

You should use your toolbox talk to give them firsthand knowledge of what to do and where to go. Now I'm not suggesting you pull the fire alarm and watch them scatter.

No, what you should do is a lot more simple and effective. If this sounds good to you then use this one tip to do it...


Use this tip to make your emergency procedures toolbox talk more effective

Firsthand knowledge is always better than just reading something off a page. That way you don't just learn something, you understand it too.
That's why when you do a toolbox talk on your emergency procedures you should walk through everything with your employees. 
As you explain what they must do, show them where the emergency exits are and how to open them. Show them where the fire equipment is and even how to use it. Also tell them where to find the first aid kit and who the first aiders are so they know who to ask for help.
By doing this walk through with them, you can help them to understand the procedures instead of just know what they should do. 
You must also include these things in your walk through during the toolbox talk.
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Include these four things when you do a walk through during your emergency procedures toolbox talk

- Who's in charge during an emergency;
- Where they must go once they're outside;
- What your different alarms sound like; and
- How to help anyone that has injuries or can't get out.
By doing a basic demonstration on these things you can ensure your employees get all the information they need from your toolbox talk.

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This one tip will make your emergency procedure toolbox talk more effective
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