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This one tip will turn ordinary safety audits into super ones

by , 21 August 2014
Did it feel like your last safety audit took ages and you didn't get the relevant information? This may be because you went about the process the wrong way.

You see, when it comes to health and safety audits it's important to follow the process. This will stop you from getting off track and losing sight of what the audit should do.

That's why you should use this one tip. It'll turn your ordinary and average safety audit into a super audit...


Want to do a super safety audit? Use this one tip

This tip may surprise you because it's so simple but that doesn't mean it's any less vital. 
So here it is: 
The tip that'll transform your safety audit into a super safety audit is planning. 
That's right! 
You need to plan the details of your safety audit such as the departments you want to audit, what you want to focus on, who you want to interview and the questions you want to ask.
That's it. The simple act of planning and preparing will have a dramatic effect on your company's safety audit process.
And when you start to plan, consider this information...
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Consider this information when you create your safety audit plan

1. Who you audited last time.
2. Which departments have new employees, procedures or equipment?
3. Are there any departments that have a high accident rate over the last six months.
1. Interview someone in charge;
2. Someone who has experienced all the problems first hand; and
3. Someone who knows about the security or hygiene of your workplace.
1. Have you had or witnessed an accident at work in the last six months?
2. Do you feel safe when you do your work?
3. What do you do or use to help you stay safe and does it work?
4. What do you think we can do to improve things and keep you safe at work? 
There you have it. This one tip will transform your safety audits into super ones.

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This one tip will turn ordinary safety audits into super ones
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