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This simple construction safety tip could save thousands of lives

by , 22 August 2014
After the Tongaat Mall collapse last November, and the structural collapse this week in Meyersdal, there's a lot of attention on construction regulations.

You see, collapses like these often come about because someone somewhere didn't follow construction regulations. The collapses can also hurt thousands of people. I'm not just talking about your employees either. If a collapse happens once you finish the building and people are using it they'll be injured.

But you can prevent this. All you have to do is remember this simple safety rule...


This one safety tip could prevent fatal accidents

The tip that could save thousands of lives is: Ensure your safety officer is always on duty.
It sounds simple and rather ridiculous that your safety officer can stop a fatal accident like a building collapse, but he can.
You see, collapses often happen because an employee cut a corner to finish his work faster. This means the structure of the building isn't as strong as it should be. 
These weak spots could cause the building to collapse later on.
But your safety officer can prevent this. Here's how.
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Your safety officer will enforce  your safety procedures and stop employees cutting corners

Part of your safety officer's duties is to watch your employees and ensure they do their work properly. If he catches an employee cutting corners or working unsafely, he can report them for disciplining. 
This will help ensure your employees don't jeopardise the building structure for the sake of a longer lunch break. 
So ensure your safety officer is always on duty and that he watches your employees to ensure they work properly.

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This simple construction safety tip could save thousands of lives
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