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Three basics that turn your office into a dangerous place

by , 09 May 2014
You've spent a great deal of money making your office look nice. You've also forked out a lot of money on an expensive security system. But are you aware of the hazards INSIDE your office that can harm you or your employees? These workplace hazards could cause accidents that'll cost you more than your office security and decorating put together. But they don't have to! If you can spot them in time you can prevent them from happening. Read on to find out about how three seemingly simple things can turn your lovely office into a dangerous place...

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The three workplace hazards that could make your office a dangerous place

So you think your office is safe. It has 24 hour security and it's in a nice building...
But do you see that big stack of files that are just about to fall off the top of the cabinet? 
What about the supper shiny and slippery floors in the passage, kitchen and bathrooms? 
And then there's that big tangled mess of wires and cables hiding behind the printers…
These three seemingly simple things are the most common hazards reported as accidents at work:
1. Being hit by falling objects (like those files);
2. Slips and falls (on shiny floors like yours); and
3. Electrocution (from cables like the ones behind your printer)
You've made the effort to keep the danger out of your building, but you've neglected a basic health and safety housekeeping rule inside your office. The Health and Safety Advisor says keeping good workplace housekeeping is very important and your legal obligations. 
So what can you do to rid your office of these workplace hazards?
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How to fix these workplace hazards

Health and Safety Advisor says you need to:
- Provide enough proper storage space such as cupboards and filing cabinets so you can store files and objects properly;
- Keep floors clean and dry and use safety signs for when they're wet. Put up hand rails if they're slippery even when dry; and
- Repair and maintain old electrical systems and keep wiring neat and tidy. Consider putting in more plug points to avoid overcrowding a single point.
As well as these workplace safety tips, we also suggest you get your employees to the following:
1. Put items away and always return them to their storage place;
2. Put rubbish like old papers and documents into the waste bins provided; and
3. Empty the waste bins regularly. 
These tips will help keep your office tidy and safe from these common accidents.

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Three basics that turn your office into a dangerous place
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