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Three costs you should have in your health and safety budget to achieve a 100% accident-free record in 2015

by , 17 December 2014
Keeping your company accident free and protecting your employees at work takes constant care and effort. And this uses up money. To afford this, you need to budget for it.

Today I'm going to show you what costs do you need to include in your health and safety budget to achieve a 100% accident-free record for next year.


Improve your health and safety and prevent accidents by budgeting for these three costs

Audits take a lot of time and can require a lot of manpower. If you hire someone to do the audit, he won't come cheap. 
You have to budget for these services and, remember, an audit may take longer than you expect so you'll need to pay the person even more. That's why it's a good idea to slightly over budget for his fees. 
If you don't want to hire someone from outside, you can use one of your employees to do this. But in this case, you need to pay for him to have audit training. That's another expense you have to budget for. 
It's important to include this in your health and safety budget because audits help you spot major problems in your health and safety. This way you'll now what you need fix and improve.
Check out the Audit Smart Software to help you do your audits quickly, effectively and affordably. 
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How to prepare your Health and Safety Budget
2. Maintenance
Fixing and repairing your safety equipment is a vital part of improving health and safety. It's during this process that you can fix problems and improve your safety equipment. 
For this task, you have to budget for the cost of hiring an outside mechanic who can come in and work on your machinery. 
You also have to budget for any new parts you might need to fix your machinery as well as any improvements you make. For example, while fixing your machinery, you want to install heatproof glass around part of it. 
It's always better to do this maintenance before anything breaks. This way you can avoid any accidents that happen because of damaged machinery. It's best to work those costs into your expenses for January or February. 
Risk assessments are an important part of health and safety. By spotting the hazards and risks your employees face, you'll know what you need to change or improve. 
You need to budget for the training you and your health and safety representatives need to do these risk assessments. Also budget for the cost of bringing in an outside expert, if you need to. 
Don't forget to budget for downtime while you and your health and safety reps are busy with the assessment. 
The Risk Assessment Toolkit will help you do your risk assessments in record time. 
By budgeting for these three expenses, you can take the steps you need to improve your health and safety so you can achieve an accident-free record. 
There are more points to include in your health and safety budget. You can find all of them in the Health and Safety Budget

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Three costs you should have in your health and safety budget to achieve a 100% accident-free record in 2015
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