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Three handy tips on tool safety that'll keep your employees fingers in tact

by , 23 May 2014
You may be tempted to give your construction employee a hand tool and send him on his way. Doing this means assuming he knows how to use it safely.

You may be assuming wrong.

Your employee may have learned to use the tool by watching others use it. This doesn't mean he knows or understands how to use it safely.

That's why you need to enforce hand tool safety before you put a tool in anyone's hand. Use these three tips to do this...

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Three crucial tips for hand tool safety

You need to know if your employees use hand tools properly and the tools are in good condition. Here are the Health and Safety Advisors top three tips to ensure hand tool safety:
1. The right tool is the safe tool
It's not uncommon to see an employee force a nut onto a bolt with a pair of pliers. 
Using the wrong tool like this is unsafe and can cause serious hand injuries. Your safety officer is responsible for stopping employees from using tools unsafely.
2. Keeping hand tools safe
If your employees use hand tools, you must maintain them regularly. If employees constantly use the same hand tools, over time they'll damage or wear with use. 
They need careful and frequent inspection so you can maintain their safe use. When hand tools aren't sharp or dressed, injuries happen more often. 
Surprisingly, it's not just the blades or points you must maintain. You'll also need to maintain the following...
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Maintain tool handles for hand tool safety

3. Hand tools need safe handles
If a tool's handle is too short, splintered, loose fitting or not properly attached to the tool, the employee could suffer an injury at work.
You and your safety officer must check the condition of your tools as part of your safety programme. You must also give your employees proper training on how to use the tools to prevent workplace accidents.
Use these handy tips to ensure your employees follow proper hand tool safety.

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Three handy tips on tool safety that'll keep your employees fingers in tact
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