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Three pieces of information your fire plan must ALWAYS have

by , 18 September 2014
What do you do when a fire breaks out in your workplace?

Do you run?

Do your try to fight the flames?

Just because a fire hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean you don't have to prepare for just in case it does one day. That's why you must create a fire plan. It must detail all the procedures you and your employees will follow if there's a fire in your workplace.

But this can't just be a slap-dash document you throw together.

You must ensure it's clear and well thought out.

You must also ALWAYS include these three pieces of information...


Ensure you ALWAYS include these three pieces of information in your fire plan

1. Who your fire team is and what they must do
You must give clear guidelines about your fire team's duties when it comes to fighting a workplace fire. These guidelines must be clear for any member of the fire team. If you appointment someone new, they must be able to clearly understand their duties through your fire plan.
*********** Hot off the press  ************
If there was a fire, violent strike or explosion in your company, would your first aider know what to do?
Do your first aiders know what it is?
2. What firefighting equipment you keep on your premises and how employees use it
You must give a detailed list of all the firefighting equipment you have and where your employees will find it. This also helps you when you want to do inspections so you know what should be there.
3. How your general employees must respond to the fire
Even employees who aren't part of your fire team can help fight the fire. If they know how to use firefighting equipment, they can do so. But they must always listen to any instructions your fire teams gives.
Include these three vital pieces of information in your fire plan to ensure your employees know what to do and how to react in this emergency situation. 

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Three pieces of information your fire plan must ALWAYS have
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