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Three points you must remember when drawing up evacuation procedures

by , 07 August 2014
If you need to get your employees out of your workplace in a hurry, like some employers did during the Orkney earthquake on the 5th of August, you need evacuation procedures.

These will guide the process for getting your employees out. Without these procedures, your employees may end up running around like headless chickens.

To ensure you draw up clear emergency evacuation procedures remember these three points...


Include these three points in your evacuation procedures

When you draw up your emergency evacuation procedures you need to outline:
- What signals your employees to evacuate;
- How they must get out; and
- Where they must go once they're out.
You mustn't forget to include these three things in your procedures. Here's more about what you can include about these points.
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More about the three points your must add to your evacuation procedures

1. You can use different alarm sound to signal your employees to do different things. For example:
Several long alarm beeps: Immediately after the alarm, all employees and visitors must meet at a safe point in the building.
Single continuous alarm tone: Immediately after the alarm, all employees and visitors must evacuate the premises via an emergency escape route and meet at assembly points
2. You must indicate your emergency escape routes with 'Emergency Exit' signs. Ensure these are clear and visible so everyone can see them.
3. All employees must be aware of the various assembly points and their names. For example, assembly point A is in front of the building 30 metres away from entrance. Assembly point B is outside the back of the building under your carports.
Ensure you outline this information very carefully when you do your emergency evacuation planning and training. It could be the difference between life and death for your employees.
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Three points you must remember when drawing up evacuation procedures
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