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Three questions the DoL WILL ask you about your safety housekeeping

by , 30 May 2014
If the DoL inspector comes knocking, he'll want to see that every inch of your health and safety policy is as it should be.

We're sure you're prepared to show him your policy and your safety procedures manual, but are you ready to show him your safety housekeeping?

That's right. He'll have three questions about your housekeeping you'll need to answer 'yes' to.

Here are the three questions he'll ask about your housekeeping so you can get everything in order before he comes knocking.

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By law if you operate any machinery in your workplace, you must display the General Machinery Regulations Schedule D (Or Schedule C if you use boilers) where your employees can see it. This will be one of the first things a labour inspector will look for.

Here's what a DoL inspector will ask about your safety housekeeping

The Health and Safety Advisor says, your safety housekeeping is all about keeping the general areas of your workplace clean and safe. After all, accidents can happen anywhere and not just if an employee is working at heights or in high risk areas. 
This is an important part of any health and safety plan. That's exactly why the DoL inspector will ask you these three questions:

Question 1. Have you stored your chemicals in a safe place?
To be able to answer 'yes' to this question, you must tell all your employees who work with chemicals about how dangerous working with them can be. 
You must show them where they need to be stored and instruct them to return chemicals after they finish working with them.

Question 2. Do you use and store flammable materials correctly?
To be able to answer 'yes', you must use flammable material in a space you can enclose or seal off. You must also fit this area with an efficient intake-and-exhaust-ventilation system to remove any vapour. 
You must keep these substances away from other flammable material, especially those designed to be flammable, such as certain gases.  
The last question may surprise you. Who'd expect the DoL to ask you about your toilets? Here's what he'll ask.
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The DoL inspector with ask you this question about your toilets

Question 3. Do you provide clean and hygienic toilets and washing facilities provided for males and females?
To comply with this housekeeping regulation, you must maintain your company's toilets and washing facilities.  They need to be in a clean, hygienic, safe, whole-and-leak-free condition and in a good state of repair. 
You must also place a sign at the entrance of toilet to say which gender it's for.
Remember, your safety housekeeping is just as important as any other part of your safety programme. So to fully comply with OHS regulations and pass the DoL's safety inspection, ensure your housekeeping is in order. 

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Three questions the DoL WILL ask you about your safety housekeeping
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