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Three reasons why it's so important to do a sanitation risk assessment

by , 10 March 2017
Three reasons why it's so important to do a sanitation risk assessmentIf your employees work in filthy conditions, they're going to pick up all kinds of diseases. They could get stomach viruses, breathing problems, intestinal infections. All of these come from the kind of bacteria that live and breed in damp, dirty, unhygienic places.

When your employees get sick, it means lost productivity. You must also deal with COID if your employee is incapacitated for more than three days.

If this isn't enough to make your realise how important it is to do a sanitation risk assessment, here are three more reasons...

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You must do a sanitation risk assessment for these three reasons

If your employees get sick because of poor workplace hygiene, it's because you didn't deal with the health hazards on site.
To prevent the health hazards you need to do a risk assessment. 
Here are three reasons why this is so important:
1. The DoL could shut down your whole business 
You have to report incidents of your employees getting sick to the DoL and COID. A DoL inspector may then decide to do a site inspection. If he finds that you make your employees work in unhygienic conditions, he could shut down your whole business. You won't be allowed to reopen until you have fixed the problems and the DoL has cleared your business.
1. You might have to face charges of human rights violations 
Every person has the right to work in a safe and clean environment. If you force them to work in an unhygienic space, you're violating their human rights. 
If a DoL inspector sees this during an inspection, he could report you to the Human Rights Commission. This could lead to serious consequences and even jail time.
2. Sick employees weaken your business 
If your employees are constantly sick (but not sick enough not to be at work) it makes them weak. This reduces the productivity in your company and that makes your company weak!
So ensure your do your sanitation risks assessment as part of your risk management plan to comply with OHS regulations and protect your company.
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Three reasons why it's so important to do a sanitation risk assessment
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