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Three reasons why you need a Health and Safety Specification

by , 26 August 2015
A Health and Safety Specification is a project-specific document that you must put together with all the health and safety requirements relating to construction. It is a document that lays out all health and safety requirements while construction is underway.

By law, you are required to create a Health and Safety Specification.

Apart from it being a legal requirement, here are three other reasons for why you need a Health and Safety Specification:

1. The Principal Contractor won't be able to create a Health and Safety Plan if he does not have your Health and Safety Specification. And if he can't draw up a Health and Safety Plan, he won't be able to start construction. 
2. By having your Health and Safety Specification, as well as the Principal Contractor's Health and Safety Plan, the Principal Contractor can budget properly for any health and safety costs.


Do you want to be fined, jailed or have a criminal record for life?

If an accident occurs in your workplace, and the person dies, you could be charged with culpable homicide, charged penalties of R100
000 or 2 years in jail! The CEO or Owner of a company is personally accountable for health and safety at work. 

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3. You are completely responsible for Health and Safety. So if you don't create a Health and Safety Specification, you will not be complying with regulations and will be responsible for any accidents that happen at the workplace. 
So, there you have it! There are three reasons as to why it's so important to put together a Health and Safety Specification. 

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Three reasons why you need a Health and Safety Specification
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