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Three reasons why your truck drivers are a disaster waiting to happen

by , 24 October 2014
Last week, a truck driver in Alberton lost control of his truck and caused an accident that left several people dead. Last year, a truck caused a serious accident in Pinetown and another in Sandton.

These accidents were all horrific and they suggest one thing: Trucks are by far the most dangerous vehicles on the roads.

That's why you must to take precautions to protect your drivers and the people they share the roads with.

If you don't, they could turn into an 18-wheeler hazard in three ways...


Your trucks could become a nightmare on 18 wheels for these three reasons

1. Old trucks that you haven't maintained
If you put your truck drivers in old vehicles that you haven't serviced in years, it's extremely dangerous.
For example, the braking mechanisms could pack up and your driver could lose control. 
If you can train your drivers to inspect their vehicles, they can spot these potentially deadly problems before they occur.  
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2. Long working hours
Most truck drivers will work ten hour shifts, sleep for four hours and then go straight into another shift. 
But if your drivers are tired and can't concentrate on controlling their trucks, accidents will happen because they can't react fast enough. 
3. Insufficient training
If you haven't trained your drivers to handle their trucks correctly, they won't know what to do in an emergency. For example, if your driver realises he's going too fast down a hill, he won't know how to slow himself down safely. 
Train your drivers on the safety mechanisms in their trucks they must use in situations like these.
If you take steps to maintain your trucks, shorten your drivers' shifts and give them proper training, you can prevent them from causing another N12 highway massacre. 

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Three reasons why your truck drivers are a disaster waiting to happen
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