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Three reasons you must have a drug-free workplace policy

by , 05 September 2013
Drug abuse is a very serious problem which I know, you don't want in your workplace. A 2012 study shows that 75% of drug users have a job and there's a high chance they work for you! If you think you're immune to the countless problems drug abuse can cause, think again!

Here are three reasons you must have a drug-free workplace policy so you don't end up being the loser.

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Three reasons you must have a drug-free workplace policy
1. Employee wellness means a safe work environment - The goal of your drug-free workplace policy is to promote and ensure employee wellness and to provide and maintain a safe working environment (Section 8.1 of the OHSA). If your employees are healthy, they'll work more efficiently. Your policy will guide you to remind your employees of the dangers of drug abuse.
2. You can't test them - You can't carry out a drug test without telling your employees about your drug-free workplace policy. You'll also know the process to follow when you do decide to test an employee for drugs. Plus it'll protect you from a dispute if your employee refuses to have a drug test.
There's one more reason you must have this policy, so keep reading to find out what it is.
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One more reason you must have a drug-free workplace policy
3. They won't be a danger to your business - Employees who take drugs are a danger to themselves and to others around them. The policy will show them what the dangers are and what disciplinary actions you'll take if they're found to be under the influence of drugs. You'll protect your business and avoid risks if your employees know they shouldn't abuse substances.
Do you suspect one of your employee's is on drugs? Make sure you have a drug-free workplace policy in place! If an accident happens because an employee was under the influence of drugs, there's no limit to the countless problems an accident could cause to your business.
Until next time,
Miriro Matema

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Three reasons you must have a drug-free workplace policy
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