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Three simple, cheap things you can do now to save lives in the event of a workplace emergency

by , 04 September 2014
When there's an emergency in your workplace, you need to ensure your employees know what to do. After all, you don't have time to answer questions such as 'Which exit must we use?' or 'Where's the first aid box?'

But how do you ensure your employees know where everything is without spoon feeding them the information?

The answer is quiet simple and it'll help save huge amounts of time in emergency situations...


A picture is worth a thousand words and so is a safety sign 

The best way to ensure your employees know where to go or find the equipment they need during an emergency is with clear safety signs. You must have these above your emergency exits, fire fighting equipment and first aid kits.
These signs must clearly show what instruction they're giving.
Here's what they must look like:
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WARNING: Just because you've appointed a first aider and have a first aid kit in your office doesn't mean you've done everything to protect your employees
Do your first aiders know what it is?
Fire fighting equipment
This sign has a white back ground with red images. It has two blocks. The top box has a red image of a fire extinguisher. The bottom box has an arrow pointing down to show the extinguisher is below the sign. You must place these signs as high as possible so your employees can see them over other obstacles in the area.
Emergency exits
These signs have a green background with white images. They have two blocks; the first one shows the white image of a person running. The second is a white arrow. You must point this arrow in the direction of the closest emergency exit and have another one above the exit with the arrow pointing down. This helps guide employees to the right exit. You must also place these high enough that employees can see them over obstacles.
First aid
This is a green sign with a white cross in the centre. You must place this above the area where you keep your first aid kit.
These three safety signs can help your employees deal with emergency situations faster and more effectively.

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Three simple, cheap things you can do now to save lives in the event of a workplace emergency
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