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Three teams you must appoint in case of a workplace emergency

by , 18 August 2014
Your company's health and safety is about team work. You must work with your employees. Your employees must work with your health and safety representative. And you must work with your different emergency teams.

These teams are there to jump in whenever something terrible happens. And they need to consist of capable employees who are willing to help.

To ensure you're prepared for workplace emergencies, here are the three teams you must appoint...


Here are the three teams you must appoint to deal with workplace emergencies

Team #1: Fire team
You must appoint a team of employees responsible for helping with fires. You must ensure they have all the training on how to use fire equipment. This team will take control in the event of evacuation because of a fire. They'll help maintain the situation until the fire department arrives.
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Team #2: First aid team
Your first aid team is there to help any employees who suffer from serious injuries because of an accident. They can keep them stable until the paramedics arrive.
If you only have ten employees, you'll need one first aider. But for every 50 employees for factories and every 100 employees for offices after that, you must have another one.
Your investigation team is there to help you when an accident happens and you need to investigate the cause. This team will help you collect evidence and interview witnesses. This team should consist of:
1. Any person you appointed into a health and safety position;
2. A health and safety representative. Even if you have more than one HSE Rep, you only need one of them on your investigation team; and
3. A member of your Health and Safety Committee. 
Ensure to give all of these teams the right training so they can help you when disaster strikes

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Three teams you must appoint in case of a workplace emergency
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