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Three things you must check before you book your Christmas party venue to ensure it's safe

by , 10 November 2014
With the end of the year fast approaching, you're probably planning your office Christmas party. Maybe you're even looking for a venue to host your party in.

But don't be too quick to book the venue with the laser display and Champagne fountain. If it doesn't have these three things, it could turn your party into a safety nightmare...


Don't book the venue for the office Christmas party until you check it has these three things

1. Emergency exits
If the venue you want to book only has one main entrance and exit, don't book it. This is very unsafe and is actually a health and safety violation. There must be emergency exits in case something goes horrible wrong at the party.
The size of the venue will determine how many emergency exits it should have, but there should always be a minimum of three.
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2. Fire equipment
Fire equipment is extremely important in party venues because of all the electrical equipment you might be using. A fire could easily start and put your employees in danger.
If there's no fire equipment in the venue, rather keep looking. 
3. A fully stocked first aid kit
Every entertainment venue must have a first aid kit on hand. And it needs to contain more than just a couple bandages. It must have all the legally required items in case there's an accident.
Also find out if any of the venue staff have first aid training so they can help in an emergency. Warn your first aider that she may need to help if there's an accident.
If a venue doesn't have these three things, don't book it for your office Christmas party.

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Three things you must check before you book your Christmas party venue to ensure it's safe
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